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On Thursday (17th) my turn to graduate had arrived. While I was very excited I was also nervous but not sure why. All I had to do was walk on stage, shake hands with some important man (or King of UEA as he was affectionately dubbed because he sat on a throne on stage) and walk off again. No more than ten seconds. Easy, yes? No! What if I tripped?! Help!

When my sister arrived on campus she helped me get all robed up and presentable. After the over-priced university merchandise was purchased and photographs taken I spent the remaining time running around one of the university cafes taking silly photos with my course mates. It was great to see everyone again. Seeing them all robed up made me feel so proud of us all, we did it!

In the ceremany the graduands were seated at the back. Just before their names were being called out, they were ushered out the graduation hall, down the corridor, back in the hall through the front entrance and onto the stage. For the family and friends it looks like a never ending stream of people in comedy hats and gowns (Why do they make them so big!?). For the students at the back we get to watch people get up, walk out, walk back in then walk back to their seats. It's a very amusing -lets get everyone to walk in a big circle- way of doing things! After some boring speeches I got to see my friends collect their certificates as I'm a "W", so usually end up being the second to last to do anything that's done in alphabetical order. Whilst waiting I notice that the last chair on the row in front of me is empty. I also think about meeting my friends for the first time three years ago in the same room. I remember sitting in the same hall for my exams and wondering if I had passed or if I could ever finish this degree. We've all come so far.

Suddenly it's my turn to get up! My row stands and walks into the corridor. What the audience don't see is that before you go back in and on stage about four people hover over you and straighten up your hat and your sash (which for some reason is designed so it will never stay in place). I wish I could have had a purple or a green one rather than salmon pink. It's now my turn to walk up the steps onto the stage. I look over to the man stood to my left who's reading the names out...and realise he's not reading out mine!

Man: Rahmatul...
Moi: *Looks puzzled*
Man: *starts again, presumably concerned he's pronouncing it wrong after seeing my expression* Rahmatullah Wali!
Moi: *whispers* Erm, that's not my name!
Man: *looks panicked* Erm, what's your name?!
Moi: *learns over and whispers name*

The man then announces my name really loudly and I get a huge cheer from everyone in the audience, not just my family and friends like everyone else. It feels great! I walk forward to shake the king's hand and he tells me I received the biggest cheer in Development Studies. I beam with joy and walk off the stage. On the way back to my seat I see my friend Rachel sat on edge of her row laughing at me. I can't stop giggling myself. I don't mind that it happened at all, I think it's really funny and makes for a great story. I wonder who Ms Wali is and why she missed the ceremony though. I assume she was meant to have been sitting in the empty chair I noticed earlier.

Afterward there is much photo taking and hat throwing. Everyone who saw me found it hilarious to call me Rahmatullah instead of Lizzie.

^Me & the besties from Development Studies

^Awesome ex-housemates Mark and Yvette!

It was a great week, and the eventful graduation ceremonies continued when I went to Yvette's. Near the end of hers everybody was evacuated from the hall because of a suspected gas leak!

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Today I couldn't wait for my final exam results to come through the post any longer and after finding out from friends that the pass lists were up I called my teaching office. It was a very agonizing wait while the polite but rather incompetent office worker kept asking if I was some chick called Amy (we share the same surname). He then said that he didn't have a copy of the pass list on that floor...well surely he could walk downstairs and tell me?! After a few more minutes of fluffing around he then realised that the results were on the computer in front of him. Would I like him to check? Well there's an idea! Finally with shaking hands and a few thousand butterflies in the stomach I thanked him for letting me know about my 2:1.

I'm so happy and proud of myself. It's the grade I wanted and worked so hard for. I rang my sister straight away and squeeed down the phone at her. :D!

It doesn't feel like that long ago since we were all leaving home to start our first year. University has been an awesome experience. I've learnt so much about myself and my choosen subject, and had the chance to study 3 different languages too. I've changed...mostly for the best. I've met some inspiring and amazing people. I've unpacked a lot of the emotional baggage I brought with me to East Anglia as well. I feel so grounded now and ready to start the next part of my life, although I do miss Norwich and uni life so much already!

See you at graduation!



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