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On Monday the 24th I started back at school for the second term, though I didn't have any classes as the culture festival and sports day preparations were well under way. It was an exciting first day back as the roof of the gym was falling in so we couldn't hold the opening ceremony in there as usual. This meant all the students had to stay in their classrooms while the principal and vice principal broadcast their speeches over the speaker system. One of teachers asked me to check his English translation for his work about Japanese food. The poor guy was asking me about his grammar (which was great), but unfortunately didn't realise he'd written "bum" instead of "bun" on all the pages.

That evening I went to the welcome dinner for the new Shimane JETs. They are such a great bunch of people. I can't wait to hang out with them and get to know them better. After the all you can eat and drink meal we headed out to one of the nightclubs in Matsue. There even more alcohol was consumed which led to a lot of interesting moments. I myself went a little bit crazy. After spending a lot of the past two months alone there was suddenly so many cool new people and I was a very giddy kiddy running round talking to and dancing with everyone. Good times...

...until Tuesday morning. At school we had a whopping hour and fifteen minutes of weeding from 9am to clear up the sports ground ready for sports day on Saturday. Sun + hang over + feeling sick + grass allergies + a hour of crouching on the ground picking up weeds left me feeling very ill indeed! :S

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In Japan all schools have something called a "bunkasai" at the start of their second term. This is a huge affair, with planning for the event starting months before. All the forms are divided into teams. Each team with their own colour. My school is large enough for four teams.

The teams compete in various events throughout a three day period. "Bunkasai" translates into something like "culture festival" in English, though it still sounds baffling because we don't have anything like it in the UK. The first two days include a quiz, but most of the events are non-competitive. The dance club perform. So do the brass band with a couple of other teachers guest staring, much to the delight of the students. Last year Bryan sang a song with two other teachers and the students went wild. Everyone ran to the front to get a closer look. Other things include an artwork display. Clubs such as the tea ceremony club offer the chance to take part and be served tea.
The final day, unfortunately always on a Saturday (Why don't they just start the festival on the Wednesday and have Saturday off!?) is the sports day. It's more like the ones you had in primary school than secondary school. There's no sports like shot put or the high jump. Instead you have some track events combined with things like tug of war and the three-legged race.

Last week there was a lot of excitement during lunch time as each form was allocated a team and a colour for the festival.

It's custom to wear clothing in your team colour at the sports day. I was really hoping I'd be allocated to the yellow, green or blue team, as I already have blue and green t-shirts and last year I had to buy a yellow t-shirt for bunkasai. This week I found out I'm in the red team. Bof!



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