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Well I'm sure you've all seen the devastation on TV by now. Scary times. I can't imagine what it's like to be there. It's horrific to lose loved ones and/or your home. It's horrific to lose everything. We can't even imagine what it would be like.

Everyone I know is fine, though one of my friends can't get in touch with her mum who lives in Sendai. It's just wait and see at the moment. Hopefully she's just in a place without communication.

I spoke to my friend Yoriko in Tokyo today and she said that everyone is really moved by how much support they are getting from the rest of the world. Even in countries like Russia, who are normally fighting with Japan over islands in the north, people are laying flowers at the Japanese embassy there. New Zealand are sending so much help despite recovering from their own earthquake.

In Japan people are working together to help in any way they can by giving blood, food and money and saving as much electricity as they can. (The country doesn't have enough power for the whole country right now.)

I know Japan will get through this. It will just take time and a lot of heartache.



Mar. 11th, 2011 11:33 am
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A huge earthquake hit Japan today at 2:46pm (5:46am UK time). Different sites are reporting different statistics, but it measured around 8.9 on the scale, which my friend in Tokyo says is the strongest earthquake measured since records began. It struck off the north/eastern coast of Japan near to the city Sendai. Where I lived in Shimane, people wouldn't have felt the earthquake. Being on the opposite coast it's safe from the tsunami too. Everyone who's in Shimane will be fine. My friends and their families in Tokyo are ok too, just very scared and shaken up right now. Yoriko was still at work when I was talking with her about an hour ago, and she said there were around 30 aftershocks in the 5 or so hours after the earthquake. She also said the buildings up in Miyagi prefecture (where the city of Sendai is) were well fortified after a bad quake there 10 years ago...but a huge 10 meter tsunami struck the coast there.

I just saw this terrifying video of it here .

It's one thing to see pictures of a disaster in the news, and quite another when it's a place you've been to or people you care about are living there. (A lot of friends or their families were in Christchurch when the quake hit there the other day.) I went to Sendai last August and one of my friends has family there. I really hope they're all ok. More tsunami waves are still hitting the coast.

BA and Vigin Atlantic have cancelled flights to Tokyo today. Many buildings have collapsed and millions are without power. There are a lot of fires burning in the affected areas too. Thousands of people must have died. This is so sad and so tragic I'm in tears.

I experienced an earthquake when I was in Yokohama (nr Tokyo) in 2009, but it was only a size 3 and was nothing like this one.

I'll let you know when I find out any more.



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