Jul. 1st, 2009 10:02 pm
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Time in Japan: 10pm
Time in UK: 2pm

I've been waiting all year and I've been waiting all night because Torchwood is back! My sci-fi geek self can't resist talking about it. I'm so excited! I would have had to wait until 11pm to erm, *cough* *cough*, acquire it magically after broadcast. Somehow tonight though, for the first time since I've been in Japan, I've managed to get the BBC radio player to work! Wahoooo! That means I can listen to the audio play *LIVE*. Sooooo happy. :D

Radio 4 people, check out the Afternoon Play every day from now on for the three new plays. (Which I hope, really really hope, are much better than the last one.) Then watch BBC1 from the 6th. I'm so proud of how Torchwood has grown. In the beginning it was a bit of a joke on BBC3, now it's pulling in millions on BBC1. Way to go!

I've never been so happy to hear the Radio 4 news and The Archers! Haha.


Update: It was really good, the voice acting was much better than last time. A week of Torchwood to come!

love & best wishes

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Dear people who make TV show websites and those in charge of distribution rights,

I am writing to complain about some connection issues I've been experiencing recently. Since moving to Japan I've been unable to access many of the websites of some of my favourite TV shows. Please see the attached screen caps below for a few examples.

These are TV shows that are popular all over the world. Many people would like to view these websites. Please can you explain why you are limiting access so that only some can see? How do you expect people living around the world to watch and support this media? They are unable to access the latest news, schedule times and down-loadable wallpapers featuring their favourite cast members. People who used to be excited about typing in the url are now left with disappointment. In some cases, there is only a logo available to view. It doesn't have to be this way.

Take a look at the screen cap for the TV show with the most Emmy nominations in the history of television. You can see that the twelfth episode of the fifteenth season has had over 9,000 hits so far. How do you think the people who live in other countries feel when they see that so many others can watch this episode, but not them? (Unless one person watched it a few thousand times...) Please think about the effects of your actions. Please take this blog post into consideration and think about being the change. You could easily type in a few commands and press a few buttons to make these web sites accessible to all. Many people (or maybe just me) would be extremely grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to having Jack Harkness as my desktop wallpaper soon.

Yours Sincerely.

Lizzie living in Japan
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It's been a long time since we've seen some Torchwood and we still have a few more months to go. So here's a few things for you to look through while you wait.

This year we will get a new season of Torchwood, three new audio plays, three new novels and two new audio books! Good times my friend, good times.

The three new audio plays will be broadcast later this year on BBC Radio 4. They were commissioned because of the success of "Lost Souls", the first audio play from last year which marked the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. While this is a little surprising (Lost Souls wasn't really mind blowing), it's still good to hear about.

While I do feel excitement about the novels, I'm not quite sure why. I haven't read any of the previous nine! Have you? Are they any good?

Last year one of the Torchwood cast members came to a signing event in Norwich and my ex-housemate met him! While I'm happy she got to see Gareth David-Llyod (he plays Ianto, her favourite character) I can't tell you how distressing it is when people you want to meet visit the place you live...after you leave the country!

Finally if you are a sci-fi geek like me you may have puzzled over Captain Jack's time line from time to time. It's a great way to pass long flights, wondering how you put his life into chronological order. Today I stumbled across someone who has managed it. I was impressed, as this kind of feat requires knowing both seasons of Torchwood and four of Doctor Who! She didn't just make a list either, but a cute chart with pictures. Bless. You can check out the time line here at - "This is what mad looks like."

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Great news for Torchwood fans as season 3 is being filmed as I type. The mini season of five episodes (compared to a usual 13) will air on consecutive nights sometime in Spring 2009. Instead of individual episodes it will be one large story arc.

Recently there was an episode length audio play commissioned for the "big bang" science event on Radio 4.
There are no major plot spoilers below, but I have mentioned a few good and bad things about the episode that come to mind when I was listening to it.


* I liked that they saved the day by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow.
* There was some nice continuity with the use of a previous character from Martha's first episode in Doctor Who. The scientist Julia was one of Martha's med student friends from the hospital that ended up on the Moon in the episode "Smith and Jones".
* I liked the continuation of Torchwood themes such as the darkness and what happens after death, why aliens seek out humans and Earth so much and Jack being alone as he outlives everyone he loves.
* There was some good references to what happened at the end of the second season. The deaths of Owen and Tosh and how the surviving characters are coping was good to hear. It's always frustrating when recent traumatic events are forgotten about in TV shows!
* More excellent Torchwood humour, dialogue and banter between characters. For example, "After everything we've seen, we're going to die in a Switzerland!" "Well what were you expecting the Bahamas?". The phone call between Jack and Martha while the others fighting a weevil in the background was also very entertaining.


* Dodgy editing and sound mixing problems. Surely Torchwood has a budget big enough to sort that? The TV show always has such high production values! By the end I was tired of trying to work out what the words were when the music was faded in too loudly. They also got too carried away at making the alien's voice all wibbly wobbly...I had no idea what it was saying.
* Too much science was clumsily slotted in the script for the education factor of the "Big Bang" event. The flow of the play was lost and any great moments between the characters felt rushed or forced.
* I love the cast but their voice acting skills ain't great...keep them behind the camera please!

All in all it is well worth a listen to tide you over to the next season. Some great character moments and quotes there but not the best Torchwood can do. It's a shame since it has so much potential and is absolutely amazing when someone writes a decent script.

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7 hours to go

I drag myself out of bed at 5am and start to get ready

6 hours to go

I stand in front of the mirror and curse my low self esteem. I feel like a frumpy idiot who can not pull of smart to save her life. I see that there are five minutes to go before the taxi arrives, do I have time for one last change? I run upstairs tearing my clothes off and am in the middle of pulling on a completely different outfit when my mobile rings. Shit. I run downstairs, button up my trousers, jump in my shoes, grab my bag and run out the door through the gardens and up the alleyway to reach the street. I can see the taxi pulling away, why do they always turn up early and never wait?! Realising that any pride I may have has to go for the sake of getting to the station on time I run down the road waving my arms. Thankfully the driver sees me and stops. I thank him. We drive away. I then notice that in my haste I had left my shirt undone. This is not a good start to the day! I pretend that I didn't just run out waving my arms like a lunatic with my bra on show and we talk about his job interview with JCB on Friday. To his credit, he managed to keep a straight face until the train station car park where announced that he'd never had a women running towards him in her underwear before. There was silence. We both burst out laughing. He added that he wasn't driving off when I came out the house, just up the road a bit to park and wait. We laughed harder. He then reduced the fare saying that I'm the best passenger he's ever had (*mental note, must try the "flash-to-save-cash" technique more often*) and expressed a keen interest in meeting again.

2 hours to go

I am sat in a Starbucks in Piccadilly Circus going through all my interview notes.

1 hour to go

I make my way into the embassy. After checking in I'm left to watch Japanese music videos on the TV screen in reception while I wait.

Isn't the embassy pretty? :)

30 mins to go

I take the grammar test and mess it up because I can't spell at the best of times let alone work out whether a, b, or c is the correct spelling of penicillin. I then talk to one of the JET Programme staff who is escorting me around the embassy. (For security reasons we can't be left alone, though I suspect they heard the taxi driver flasher was coming). We talk about his time as a teacher in Japan and I feel better as he got the job without knowing any Japanese or having any teaching qualifications.


Thankfully there are only two friendly people asking me questions rather than a panel of ten subjecting me to an interrogation. They start off with the obvious questions like "Why do you want to be on the JET Programme?" and whether my asthma prevents me from taking part in any sports. (No but my laziness does!) Some questions seemed to be a bit bizare...

Japanese interviewer: How will you cope if you are in spring in rural areas if you allergic to porn?
Lizzie thoughts: What? Good lord did he just ask about porn? How do I answer this? Time is ticking away...I should say something. Porn?! How can anyone be allergic to porn..? Am I in the right interview? Shit answer spring.. the 'l' sound...
Lizzie: Ohhh you mean pollen!
*Interviewers exchange puzzled looks. Lizzie tries to make a good recovery from her bad hearing.*

The interview didn't feel 20 minutes long at all. I felt like I'd only just got in when I was told that there would be no more questions. I was escorted out again, picked up my belongings and then siddled off up Piccadilly to find Oxford Street. I felt very relieved - it was over! I felt very worried - what if I don't get the job? I also felt very stupid - porn indeed. I think the adrenaline was getting to me as I couldn't stop laughing and giggling as I wondered slowly through the streets in a daze.

It's a shame that I have to wait until April to hear if I'm through, but on the whole I feel happy with my replies. I did the best I could and I can't ask more of myself than that. :)

30 mins after

I'm in Waterstones pawing at travel books I can't afford.

1 hour after

In the station I see front pages announcing Heath Ledger has died. I sit and wait for my train home.

2 hours after

On the train home. Am comforted by the fact that if I don't get the job, the taxi driver from this morning could take me in and drive me around East Anglia in a digger. (Assuming he got the job with JCB.)

10 hours after

I am sad that I spent a whole week looking forward to Torchwood only to find that it's the worst episode of the show I've ever seen (Sleeper). How does a show with so much potential fail to realise so much of it!? I hope next week's episode is better!



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