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Someone in Faro showing the world that it doesn't matter
if you don't have your own private washing line.



Feb. 14th, 2013 12:11 pm
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I've created an account on Pinterest today. I'm just getting started with uploading photos and creating boards so there is hardly anything on there at the moment but I'm really enjoying it. It's a great way to share what you have sitting on your hard drive gathering dust. (In my case some 8 years of photos taking up about 50 gig of space!) It's going to be lovely to be able to put what I have out there and share my experiences of life in Japan more. There is so much I want people to see. I love the process of looking through all my photos, picking out the best ones and finding themes that would make a great "board" on there. (Like a pin board, what they have on Pinterest instead of photo albums.) This concept of themes and boards feels a lot more interesting and creative than just uploading them country by country into albums.

Pinterest is also a great way for me to share and talk about my hobby of photographing street art and graffiti. I have barely ever mentioned it to anyone before but it's something I'm mad for and spend a lot of time doing when I travel. For years and years I've been meaning to upload them into albums on a website but have never found the motivation and passion to do so before. Something about the quick, easy and fun nature of Pinterest makes me want to spend all my days uploading and labeling.

The site is also really inspiring because you are constantly stumbling across new ideas, photos, artwork, colour combinations, themes and mood boards. The nature of the site feels perfectly suited to touch screen technology too. It feels like you've got a hard copy of all your prints laid out on the floor to play with, but on a screen that you can carry anywhere in your bag and access any time. Pinterest just makes me want to buy an iPad so I can use the site on that instead of my laptop!

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hey hey,

A good day yesterday, the Estonian museum of photography was really cool. It has a really odd setting as it used to be the town prison. Inside there is the history of the camera and how photography developed over the years, I had no idea that Estonia played such an important role in this as a lot of cameras were invented here. I really enjoyed looking at a display of postcards from 1900 - present day and in the scary basement there was an exhibition of a well known photographer (forget his name!) and this photo of someone jumping over a puddle really stuck. It was so funny with limbs sprawling everywhere.

The 'Peep into the Kitchen' museum was really interesting, a history of the castles and defenses of the city. The unusual name comes from the ability of the guards many years ago to see down chimneys into people's kitchens as the top of the tower was so high. Great views from the top, though sadly you can't spy on people any more. The tower still has cannon balls embedded in them from centuries ago.

As it was the last night that our group of friends would be together before they carried on traveling we went to get some booze from this local shop. (man does the cheap vodka get to you, though it was only 1.20 for a bottle) We were waiting outside for the one who went to a souvenir shop when this guy came running out of the shop like he had tried to shoplift something. The owners of the shop came dashing after him, with one carrying a chair. The other managed to kick him dowm then kick him up the arse while his friend whacked him ovwer the head with the chair! Quite a sight! It was so funny, then we had to leg it out the way as the fight headed in our direction, eventually the beaten up guy managed to get away and disapear swiftly down the road! I wonder if he learnt his lesson.

Had a good night playing cards with a few drinks, so much for my alcohol free trip... but I won't have enough money for booze in Finland where as it's dirt cheap here.

Tomorow will get the ferry to Helsinki - boo yah!



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