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I'm home safe and well, 15 hours after I left my youth hostel in Oslo - yeesh! I'm just going to put up some photos I have from Oslo for now and post about the rest of the trip over the next few weeks.

^ A shot of the main street in Oslo leading towards the royal palace (which unlike in England has no walls or railings seperating royalty from the public, and I didn't see any armed guards either!). The palace also has a number of duck ponds which was delightful to see.

^ A view of Oslo and the fjord from Bygd√ł - the peninsula where I visited the Kon-Tiki museum.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

^ A dodgy photo of yours truly with the monolith in the background. It's made up of over 100 carvings of men, women and children which are "rising towards heaven and salvation". Along with the rest of the sculptures surrounding the monolith at the base they make up the representation of the circle of life and death I mentioned earlier. The next photo is one of the carvings from the base.

^Jack seems to be channeling starfish for this shot...

Anywhoooo I miss my bed, time for sleeps.



Jul. 6th, 2007 02:59 pm
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It's good that all my traveling is finally paying off now, as it only took a few hours to get adjusted here yesterday and it feels like I've been here for weeks rather than about 2 days. Now the rain has stopped, it's so nice to just wonder around and soak up some sun, very lush! Today I took the ferry to the Kon-Tiki musuem with Martin and Jack, two guys I met in the hostel earlier. (For lack of space I won't mention it here, but it's a really interesting exhibition about how five people sailed across the ocean in a raft of reeds! - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kon_tiki). Later I left Martin and Jack to get excited about Vikings while I sat on shore for a while, paddled in the water and felt very happy. Don't know what I'll do with the rest of today yet.


Yesterday (the 5th) I went to Akershus Slott (the city castle) and the Norwegian Resistance Museum. It was really interesting to see how the Norwegians resisted Nazi Occupation during the war, and it was cool to link it in with what I learned in school. Norwegian history is something we never really hear about in the UK. It's actually about the 6th resistance museum I've been to now, but it's still horrific to even imagine how many lives were lost & destroyed throughout Europe at that time.

Outside the museum Jack, a very fine Aussie from Melbourne, recognised me from the hostel and introduced himself. We ended up going to an art gallery, going for lunch and walking out to Vigeland Sculpture Park on the edge of the city. On the way it started to rain for the 5th or 6th time that day and the downpour was so heavy (with scary lightning!) that we hid under someone's garage for half an hour until the weather calmed down a bit. Gotta say, I never thought I would be sitting under a Norwegian garage with an Australian for half an hour...

The park itself is amazing and thankfully the rain stopped by the time we got there. It's filled with hundreds of sculptures showing men, women and children going through all the stages of the cycle of life and death. They are also designed to show the emotions we feel from love to loss and everything in between. The most famous and popular sculpture is of a little boy who is crying, stomping his feet and having a little temper tantrum because he can't have what he wants. He's on postcards everywhere in Oslo! The little kid is also one of those statues that crop up time and time again when traveling. The kind where if you touch a certain part, you will return to the city at some point in your life. I decided not to touch the little boy's penis in the end... mainly because that just seems wrong but also because if I end up in Oslo again, it means I'm not spending money on a new country!

^ The little fella' is known as Sinnataggen in Norwegian.

^Me & Jack

On the way back the heavens opened again and me and Jack sought shelter in the only place we could find...the playground of a nursery school! We had to hop over a fence to get in, I feel so ashamed for breaking into a preschool lol! Still...it was a wonderful first full day in Oslo. :)

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Arrived in Oslo safe and well...though very tired as it was 26 hours after I left the house in Kendal! Too tired to do much today other than seek food and shelter. This Internet cafe = cheap and comforting place to stop for rest.

So far...
*On the train to London some person sat opposite me said their drink was "frightfully good" and this amused me much.
*Any thoughts I had about how silly it was to leave the country were soon dispelled when Jane, "the manager of your train!" would not leave the microphone alone and constantly kept reminding passengers to remember to take all their personal belongings "including laptops, mobile phones, children and grandparents"!?

In London...
*A man on the underground gave me his all zone/all day travel card and I was touched by his random act of kindness. I now do the same when I'm finished with my ticket.
*While running to hide from thunder, lightning and scarily large amounts of water falling from the sky I accidently walked into the middle of the Harry Potter 5 premiere! (I had no idea it was yesterday...and man do those fangirls scream loud! Sadly I couldn't see anything except for the cars celebrities had arrived in driving out of the square, there were just too many people.)
*I spent the night on the floor of the airport and found it fun, while learning that sitting on my backpack with my glasses case in the top pocket isn't a good idea - RIP my spare pair of specs! I also learnt that no matter how strong the desire to re-read Harry Potter 5 before the new book comes out, taking Order of the Phoenix backpacking just doesn't work. It's too big!

On the 4th...
*My aeroplane arrived 30 mins early (can pilots get done for speeding?)...but the airport was two hours on the coach from Oslo. *Note to self*: Sillycheap ticket prices always have a catch!

Oslo is lush and I'm looking forward to exploring it more tomorow. Happy Lizzie :)

love and chocolate



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