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Yesterday (Monday) and today have been spent completing the JET Program orientation and training days in a hotel in Shinjuku in Tokyo. Turns out that the 12 hour flight was good preparation for this week as we've done nothing but spend it inside sat in lectures for around 9 hours a day. Several lectures were skipped this afternoon just so I could sneak back to my hotel room to sleep. Zzzzz!

Last night all the JETS going to the same prefecture as me met up for a karaoke session. I was worried about singing in front of other people but everything turned out to be fine because we were in our own booth and were all completely shizzled within about 5 minutes of getting there! It was a good night of singing and drinking and getting to know each other.

^Here I am with all the new Shimane ALTs in the hotel.

Tomorrow all the JETs going to Shimane prefecture are being flown there from Tokyo. It's a shame I have to leave the city without seeing anything but I'm so excited about finally seeing my school and my apartment. :)



Aug. 3rd, 2008 07:10 pm
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Sadly no time to update properly. At our awesome and impossibly big hotel in Tokyo they provide JETs with irons and Internet. Now there is no excuse to forget to contact home or appear messy at orientation/work tomorrow!

Flight was great, so fun chatting and meeting everyone. Time went so quickly. Here in Tokyo all British JETS have joined the Americans, Aussies, Canadians and New Zealanders.

Argf\ I wannt type so much but have only 10 mins access because so many people want to use Internet. Plus I can:t type on Japanese keyboards!

It:s so hot here, like walking into a sauna so hot you struggle to breathe easy. The humidity is immense. I think today was 39 degrees. I have no idea what time it is, either here or in England!

I was really scared and nervous before leaving. Since getting to the check in at the airport I:ve been calm and happy. I feel so lucky to have the chance to do this. So proud of all the hard work that got me here. I feel happy, so happy right now. :) Maybe that euphoric feeling is caused by jetlag and no sleep..? I don:t care I:m in Japan!

Also passing through customs in Japan, I was so happy because I:m now in country number 17, only 84 left to go to my "mission 101" if I can add up correctly! Woooooo!

Love to all, hope your well.



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