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Oct. 2nd, 2014 05:58 pm
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In August I wrote about the new kit I'd bought for traveling. Now I've had the chance to test them I'd like to write about what I found out.

First of all both the Kindle cover and Osprey backpack pass with flying colours! Durable. Practical. Extremely useful and efficient. However with the backpack the more you pack, the more it expands in width, so you have to watch you don't pack it to it's full capacity or it's too wide to fit in as hand luggage. I also discovered on the way out to Croatia that if it looks too big and bulky, airline staff (Jet2) will ask you to weigh it to prove it's not more than 10kg. Mine came in at 7.9kg (for a week's travel) - but luckily for me they didn't think my handbag needed weighing as that was easily another 3-4 kg! On the way back I didn't use the front pockets on the backpack and didn't get stopped.

The travel pillow from Paperchase looks and feels pretty, but doesn't stay inflated for more than about 15 minutes. FAIL! I'm going to buy new pillow when I can and use the case off this one to cover it.

I traveled with a "Thirst Aid Reusable Hydration Pack" for the first time this week too. Fuck the fancy name, it's essentially a roll up water bottle. Normally airport security won't let you take an empty plastic bottle through to fill up with water on the other side. (Can't work out whether this is to make you spend more, is a genuine security precaution or just a logic fail!) This one went through East Midlands Airport security rolled up in my bag no problem - and I happily saved about £10-£20 on water over the course of the week. You have to remember to wash it and let it dry out though. Don't forget about it and let it grow mold in your bag!

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Lately I've been traveling with items that are falling apart, that I fear will fall apart soon or that are so old they're just downright unpleasant to use. I realised that some things, such as my travel pillow, haven't been replaced since I first started traveling nearly 10 years ago! I also have a bad habit of lugging many and/or massive books around with me or I end up running late before I travel because I can't decide which book(s) to bring.

I got a bonus from work at the end of the financial year so I used it to treat myself to some new travel stuff. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite, which still blows my mind so much I take it out from time to time just to look at it in awe. It's like, one book, but it can contain over a thousand inside! Amazing! :0

The lovely map print Kindle case and purple travel pillow are from Paperchase. You can see from the photo how disgusting my old pillow had become!


Instead of using a backpack that I bought for £6 from the shop below the mouse infested house I lived in during my first year in Manchester, I am know going to use this baby. Osprey. 1.3kg. Can hold 38L but is still small enough for carry on luggage to save on baggage fees on low budget airlines. (For comparison my full size backpacker's backpack is 55L with a 10L detachable daysack.) The back section opens up like a suitcase, making it easier to pack and access your belongings. It has rucksack straps, a shoulder strap, or you can zip all the straps away for safer, more compact storage in places like overhead lockers. It has lots of little features I love, such as a padded space in the front section to hold delicate devices, and little pouches on the front to hold water bottles.

I think I'm in love.


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