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Well, after reaching the airport I felt a lot better and started getting all excited again, I get such a traveling buzz when the plane takes off. :) Had a very amusing trauma trying to get from the airport to the city centre and finding my hostel. Got off the bus at the completely wrong end of town, so far away from my intended destination that I was off the map!! Didn't mind so much as the city held a very magical disney feeling from the dark being broken by all the Christmas lights. Managed to trek to the hostel in about 45 mins, then went on to meet every American student ever who had decided to spend the past semester in Europe and are now traveling before heading back to the states. I'm sharing a room with 9 Americans and havn't met any other nationalities yet! I thought for some reason the hostels would be quiet at this time of year!

Not done much this morning, wondered round the city and done a bit of shopping. Having trouble finding things to do, all the sites are either closed today or I can look round beer factories...

Having a great time just being here, and not doing very much except meeting people and wondering around. :)

love and hugs to all,

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Well I'm going in 3 1/2 hours, it's 4.30 in the morning and I can't sleep - having one of those moments where I'm thinking - Lizzie, what the fuck are you doing gallivanting off to Ireland so you can cross it off the list of countries you've been too. (Though I do want to see Dublin too!) Why didn't I just decide to go home!? I know when I get there I will love it and thoroughly enjoy carrying an over sized backpack, hand washing socks in the sink and eating cup a soups as my travel pan is at home and I'm too cheapskate to go to a restaurant. Right now though I guess I'm just nervous again, and I had the same thing before going to Eastern Europe, I dunno, maybe I just want to be home. Can't believe I haven't been there in 3 months.

Dad here is the details of the hostel I'm staying at, will call you when I'm there :) :

Avalon House
55 Aungier St
Dublin 2
Ph: 353-1-4750001

If Poppy, Hjaz or Liz A are reading this, then take note that I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you again!!

love and hugs to all,

To the person who loves getting a present from me when I go traveling,
don't worry - I will get your fridge magnet!!!!
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Hey hey,

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? - Nope, 'cos I've been distracted by booking my accommodation!
I've found a great hostel with a central location, bed linen, 24 hour check in, internet access and breakfast all included in the price, which is only £7 a night!! Seven pound a night I tell thee!! That's cheaper than the one I stayed in in Latvia. The only way to describe this excitement is to say it's like finding something you've always wanted in a 50% off sale - talk about a bargain!

Anyway, as I'm sure not many people get so excited about a youth hostel I'll refrain from talking about it any more and spraying exclamation marks throughout the whole of this entry.
I do like to share my random bursts of travel happiness with you all though.
Be merry!

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I booked my flights today, I'll be taking a bus from Norwich to London on the 17th then flying out to Dublin that afternoon. I'm all excited :) Yay for traveling!



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