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Hey hey,

I was very suprised that for a town twice the size of Kendal, almost everything was closed on Sunday, so I shan't ramble on about it 'cos it was a really boring day. The best thing about it was my room mate for the night, a teacher from Thailand who was very excited by the fact that I was English. (You from ingland, wow, that cool, you really? inglish, wow!) and we ended up talking for over an hour and learning about each other's countries. We swapped emails and she kindly gave me some pictures of Bangkok for a present, then took a picture of me to show her friends!

Yesterday was the best day of the trip so far - the moomin themepark! At breakfast that morning I got taling to a few people who were also going to Naantali (where the themepark is) so me, Valerie from Canada and Yayoi and Yoichi (whose nickname was Yo!) from Japan set off to get over excited about white hippos. It was such a nice day which made walking round the little picture perfect seaside town really enjoyable, and after we walked over the bridge to the island where Moominworld was. After a scarily overpriced entrance fee, only me and Yoyoi and Yoichi actually went in the park. We had such a fun time, and had arrived just in time for a theatre performance. As they didn't speak much english, we ended up pointing at things and colapsing in fits of gigles as we had no idea what was going on (the play was in Swedish) and the people dressed up in Moomin suits looked so funny running around the stage with bits of scenery toppling over.

The whole park was for kids, so there wasn't much for us to do except walk around the island. We bumped into Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Little My and Stinky and I got my picture taken with Moomintroll (aka hot and sweaty guy in suit). We explored the Moominhouse, Moomin Papa's ship and then went to the shop and the post office, the only place in the world where you can get the moomin stamp on your mail! After a few hours there really wasn't anything else for us to do, so we sadly departed from the island back over the bridge and walked back to the bus stop to return to Turku. Though we did get to have lunch on this gorgeous beach with views to rival the lake district.

I had a great time not only for the moomin-ness but the fact that I got to spend the day talking in french and Japanese, and it was a great chance to practice all the self-teching I'd done. Best of all Yayoi and Yo understood me! I have also developed a great Japanese accent when I speak English, and I only realsised when I met the fourth English person of the whole trip that night that I speak very slowly and use lots of present tense and simple words for people who know only bit of English can understand. :)

Will post pictures when I get home!

Today I have been round Turku castle which was stunnning and so huge it seemed never ending. This afternoon I shall sleep and be lazy as I've been walking at least 8 miles a day for the last three weeks and I'm sooo tired! Lock outs at the hostels start at ten, so lie ins are sadly not an option, bof.

Tomorow I get the ferry to the Äland Islands and I'll be there for two nights, not sure iff I'll be able to get internet access, but I'll be in Stockholme by the weekend anyway. Looking forward to cycling round the íslands and lounging on the beaches.

anywhos, ciao for now, xXx
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hey hey

Yesterday I spent my time wondering around museums and round Tampere in the sunshine, and had a really cool random experience in the evening. I was looking for a quiet place to sit down and collect my thoughts when I found this disused playground, so went in and lay on the slide. (People should look up more often I think, the sky is always gorgeous.) I ended up, inevitably, thinking of mum and life and death in general, and decided that life is quite like general studies. We are condemned to endure the whole thing without ever understanding it's purpose. Though I hope whether I live for 20 or 100 years my life has actually meant something unlike the exams I took for general studies this summer.
I saw some swings so went on them and had lots of fun trying to get as high as I could like no one had ever died these last 18 months and felt the happiest I've been since before mum died. And I know this sounds a bit weird, but I realised for the first time since then that I'm going to be ok, I've made it through. I'm going to be greatly satisfied when life is done with me and I can stand up and say ha! I survived! Mum may have taken her life, but she is is not taking mine!

Today I got up really early and bussed it to the suburbs of Tampere then after a few worrying moments of being lost in forest, made it to the lakeside with the intention of kayaking. Was disapointed to find that while I had set off in a light drizzle, it was very much a gale by the time I got there and there was no way I could have gone out on the lake. (By the way you can be smug, but only if it is sunny back home!) So instead I huddled under a tree in this completly deserted place for a while until I could be bothered to walk the 2km back to the bus stop. Disappointed and soaked by the time I got back to the hostel, I was comforted by the fact that at least it was something random and new!

This afternoon stumbled upon this "Orinoco" exhibition, all about the tribes who live in the rainforests of Venezuala. The name of the exhibition gets it's name the third largest river by water volume. A fascinating experience looking round and learning about cultures so different to my own, and the films and special effects of the rapids and waterfalls were amazing. One thing that I thought was really cool was that in Hiwi tribe mythology, we are all given two souls in creation. One does pretty much the same as what we believe our souls to do, while the other is invisible and leaves the body during sleep to appear in other people's dreams.

And to round of the day, some Finnish fun :)

hissi = lift
vieraiden täytyytähteä = the guests must go!
hämmentynyt = confused

and very confusingly, orange juice is applesiini

at last a chance to use the "ä" key on the keyboard!
going to turku tomorow for four days, and on monday I shall be going to the moomin themepark, yayness! :)
bis bald


Jul. 20th, 2005 08:03 pm
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hey hey,

I'm in Tampere, and thankfully that means regular net access until Sat as I'll be off to Turku then. Had a scary moment in the net cafe earlier when the owner came up and said "hey margeret thatcher, you can have coffee for free!" I was quite alarmed, does he not know any other British people!

Got the train to Tampere today, and as the youth hostels don't open until 4 I had a few hours to pass. I quickly dumped my pack in the station lockers and ran to the moomin museum! At first I was a little disapointed, the musuem had many of the original comic strips drawn by Tove Jnsson upon the walls, and most of the displays were little models of scenes from the books. While these were interesting, they did get a wee bit repetative after about 10 minutes. Though to be fair to the musuem, after planning this trip for months and traveling thousands of miles to see a bunch of white hippos, it could never live up to my expectations. I did love the model of the moomin house though, made by the creator, and enjoyed learning about their origins and the moomin books, as I had only ever seen the cartoons before.

After the musuem I looked round the shop and longed for someone British to moan about how expensive it was, after a few minutes of scowling I bought everything I could carry anyway.

Then I wondered round the town for a bit. Tampere seems a bit like Helsinki only smaller and more industrial, according to rough guides it is the Manchester of Finland. Sadly though there are no trams here, which was one of the things I loved about Helsinki, zooming around on those was great fun! I ended up in Tampere Cathedral as I'd heard about it's contraversal artwork and it was very odd actually. On the top of the ceiling was a serpant with an apple in it's mouth and on one wall was a painting of two men carrying a stretcher with a fallen angel with blood on its wings. On another wall was the Hugo Simberg painting "Garden of Death". It has a few skeletons looking after plants in a garden, which seemed very bizare, imagine being last in church and sitting in front of that through the service. The place just seemed very un-holy somehow.
I bet Dan Brown and conspiracy theorists would have a field day in here.

Then I went to pick up my bags and sat oposite the lockers for a rest, after a while I began thinking about them (hmmmmm fascinating lockers aren't they?) and looking at who had to pay extra charges for leaving their bags there to long. It cost two euros a day, and one poor sod had managed to clock up a huge 36 euros! How did that happen!? I can just imagine some poor guy leaping off the plane after arriving back home thinking of watching neighbours after so long while waiting for his lugage to come off the plane. Then finding his key and going, oooo... shit!!!

anyway will update tomorow,these take so logn to write, and try and ramble about Helsinki, though it may have to wait.. though Hjaz will be pleased to know I watched Constantine, mmmm Keanu... I really miss you and Pops!


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