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A good day yesterday, the Estonian museum of photography was really cool. It has a really odd setting as it used to be the town prison. Inside there is the history of the camera and how photography developed over the years, I had no idea that Estonia played such an important role in this as a lot of cameras were invented here. I really enjoyed looking at a display of postcards from 1900 - present day and in the scary basement there was an exhibition of a well known photographer (forget his name!) and this photo of someone jumping over a puddle really stuck. It was so funny with limbs sprawling everywhere.

The 'Peep into the Kitchen' museum was really interesting, a history of the castles and defenses of the city. The unusual name comes from the ability of the guards many years ago to see down chimneys into people's kitchens as the top of the tower was so high. Great views from the top, though sadly you can't spy on people any more. The tower still has cannon balls embedded in them from centuries ago.

As it was the last night that our group of friends would be together before they carried on traveling we went to get some booze from this local shop. (man does the cheap vodka get to you, though it was only 1.20 for a bottle) We were waiting outside for the one who went to a souvenir shop when this guy came running out of the shop like he had tried to shoplift something. The owners of the shop came dashing after him, with one carrying a chair. The other managed to kick him dowm then kick him up the arse while his friend whacked him ovwer the head with the chair! Quite a sight! It was so funny, then we had to leg it out the way as the fight headed in our direction, eventually the beaten up guy managed to get away and disapear swiftly down the road! I wonder if he learnt his lesson.

Had a good night playing cards with a few drinks, so much for my alcohol free trip... but I won't have enough money for booze in Finland where as it's dirt cheap here.

Tomorow will get the ferry to Helsinki - boo yah!

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hey hey

Only a quick post today, don't have much time. Feeling a lot better today, yesterday wondered round the city and explored the old part of town. Went up to Toompea and saw some gorgeous momuments, cathedrels, the Estonian parliament and great views over the rest of the city. Met some great people in the dorms, and we sat outside talking for ages. I guess I didn't realsise how little I had spoken until then, traveling alone can be very isolating at times.

Today I'm going to look round the Estonian museum of photography and a museum on the castles and defences of Tallinn. I love the old town, especially in the evening when all the swarms of tourists have gone, it's great to wonder round, enjoy the views and go camera crazy. It's like it was made to be photgraphed!

*Random facts about Estonia*
- The oldest millionire is 80
- The youngest is 23
- 60% of all the millionaires in Estonia live in Tallinn or the surrounding area.

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hey hey

Had a really shitty day, a long 5 hour bus ride in 30 degrees to Tallinn and I managed to find the worst youth hostel ever! The staff are rude, there is one shower for all 20 of us, toilets dont flush and it's generally shit. Will try and find somewhere else tomorow! Worst of all I fell over trying to find said shit hostel (off a kerb again!! noooo!! i swear they are out to get me!) cut my hand and lost my pedometer. I know it's not the end of the world but it means I will not be able to see how much i have walked over the whole trip, or on which day I walked the most and the least. I am quite upset about that, I was really looking forward to it at the end of my trip. To top of the shitty day I seem to be suffering from my first feelings of homesickness, I want to curl up in my own bed, spend ages on the net, then chill out at the brewaery with mates. Bah.

Have been cheered up a bit by the beauty of Tallinn though, I'm staying in the old part of the city with it's aged buildings and narrow cobbled streets - amazing stuff. The parks and towers near the hostel at least are only a few minutes away.

Bah bah bah bah


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