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^ Lizzie hopes that by changing the date of this post, no one will notice that she still hasn't finished posting about Australia, despite the trip taking place three months ago! *hides in abandoned live journal shame*

I'll just pick out a few highlights from Melbourne as I could easily type on about this part of the trip for days. One of the things I really enjoyed during my time there was going up to the observation deck of the Rialto Towers, one of the tallest reinforced concrete structures in the Southern Hemisphere. I don't know what it is with me and these towers, whenever I'm in a city with one I seem to get drawn to them like a hedgehog to a busy highway. They are so fascinating for me as I get to see the city from the sky, so amazing and beautiful and somehow quite moving too. To see so much life going on below with the city sounds and traffic swirling up quietly from street level, to see the complete size of the place you're in too.

A few days later me & Anna took a coach tour along the Great Ocean Road, one of the sights we saw was the 12 Apostles, a spectacular formation created from erosion of the cliffs over hundreds of years. Though sadly all this erosion has led to four of the pillars collapsing since the site received it's name.

^ Here you can see our little mission mascot from the trip, Klim in front of the cliffs. :)

^ Some of the pillars, complete with grey tinge that most of my photos from an Aussie winter seemed to include! It was quite amusing to try and take a photo like this actually and try to make out that no one else was there, I was sharing the walkway around the cliffs with at least a hundred other people.

For an interesting comparision, and to give you an idea of how beautiful this site really is, check out the photos in the link below!

It was a great day, despite a very early start and spending most of our time being driven around in the tour bus. We got to see some amazing sights, learn the history of the places we drove through and the history of the road itself. (One of those "it was hacked out of a cliff with pickaxes in the olden days stories" tehe). At one point we stopped off for lunch at a koala sanctury, and though we were told that we'd be lucky if we saw any we were in for a nice treat. We wondered around and managed to spot some, saw one eating and even saw one jump from one tree to another. Very rare as they sleep for over 20 hours a day! I was a happy chappy for this, and to drive on the Great Ocean Road too has been a dream of mine for a long time. Granted it was not quite how I pictured it, (think sun, a convertable and an American Road trip style journey!) but the feeling of being there was special anyway.

...That Sunday armed with a tram and a map Anna & I managed to find the venue of a 21-20 gig (which is a band I quite like). 21-20 has a member of Lucy De Ville (another band I like) in. The set was great and the night was made even better when, thanks to the kindness of someone we met in Tassie, we got to meet Brett Swain! Most of you might recognise the guy as the actor who played Kim Timmins in Neighbours. Two gigs, two car rides and a Mexican meal later I can quite safely say that me and Anna had one of the best nights of the trip!

^ Anna & I with Brett Swain and Shaun Gardener (Lucy De Ville/21-20 band member)

Much, much too soon the day had come for me to take my flight to Sydney before I started flying home to England the next day. I was so gutted and disapointed to be going home so soon, I can't convey how much sadness I was feeling. I had made it to a country I'd dreamed about visiting for over ten years, and I could have had another month out there. I still kick myself for it, I wanted to go Cairnes and skydive and sea kayak so badly! Leaving Anna in Melbourne was the worst, watching her walk away was awful and I prayed that we could meet soon in London as planned. I missed her as soon as I was on the bus to the airport.

It seemed to take forever to get home. (Four days!) From Sydney I flew to London via Bangkok. Then I stayed the night at the house of a very kind mate of mine from uni before braving British Rail to get back to Kendal the day after. Was so shocked to find England collapsing from a mega heat wave, especially as Aus was so cold! All those melting roads, grass fires, broken air conditioning on trains that make water leak from the ceiling of the carriages...crazy!

~ ~ ~

With Australia, I have an overwhelming feeling of not being done with the place, I need to go back and finish what I started! Sooo one day I might just get me a working visa there and I’ll see you all in a few years! I need to see the parts I didn't get a chance to visit before and of course, I had such a great time out there I don't think I could stay away for too long anyway. I guess I've become another Brit who had fallen for the place, so for whenever the day comes that I make it back, well I look forward to it already!

love & hugs


Aug. 31st, 2006 10:22 am
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(Will update about Denmark when I've finished posting about the last trip, *cough cough* yeah I know it's taking me forever - but there is so much to write up!)

There was something about my first view of Melbourne that really struck me, I was so fixated with it, I remember just staring and staring out the window once we started to come into land. You could see hundreds of huge buildings and skyscrapers clustered together, tailing of to thousands and thousands of houses. There were just suburbs everywhere; I remember looking in all directions in awe at the fact I could see nothing else. I guess it’s a country girl thing – huge cities fascinate me and their size scares me – so whenever I stay in one I’m like a wide eyed child. I really wish I had a photo of that moment, it’s a view that really stays with me.

Click here to read the rest of the post! )

^ A postcard view of Federation Square in Melbourne, this crazy building is a recent development in the city, and features museums and restaurants among other things. In the summer I think they hold outdoor gigs here. I was quite taken with the way it was lit up at night also - expecially the little messages that flash accross on the wall hehe :)
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Anna has a digita camera and can upload photos!
Me in Bangkok, what happens after an 11 hour flight with 9 hours to go!


After a lonnngggg flight me and Anna finally arrived in Aus very tired and smelly - but very excited and happy! Managed to navigate our way out the airport (where a gaurd made me take off my bag pack so the sniffer dog could check it out!) and settled in a minibus to take us too our hostel. It turned out to be a great way to see the city at a bargain price. As we were last to be dropped of, we saw a lot of the sights like the bridge and the opera house on the way. Bearing in mind what Danny Wallace said about Bill Bryson and his taxi drivers (how they are always interesting) I tried to see what I could learn! The driver said that he used to work as a road train driver going all over the country - and some of his road trains could be up to a mile long! I joked that you wouldn't want to get stuck behind that, and he said it was never a problem - there is no driving limit in the Northern Teritory! ( I assume that's out of the cities/towns!)

Our hostel is really nice and the manager gave us nicer, more expensive rooms for no extra cost! After settling in and getting some food - me and Anna felt the jetlag hit us like a herd of kangeroos. It was 11am in Aus - but our body was saying go to bed - it's about 3am! We gave in and snuggled in for a one hour nap...only to wake up 9 hours later! Whooops! We stayed up for a few hours, then crashed again and slept all night - guess we were tired! There went our first thursday (we didn't get a wednesday, that was lost on the way here :S)!

Today we went to explore Sydney, headed to the city center during rush our and was amazed to find that it was quiet and we could sit down on the tube! Very unike London - even though the cities are the same size. We went to the chinese gardens ( http://www.chinesegarden.com.au/about.cfm ), a gorgeous little spot in the city with beautiful designs, lakes, waterfalls and plants, I could have sat in there all day. We wondered around the harbor a bit more until midday when we met an online friend of Anna's. It was weird, I'd only spoken to her once on MSN, but when we met and got chatting I felt like I'd known her for years. She was such a sweetie - and for gifts to say welcome to Aus she had bought us a phone card and a weekly ticket for all Sydney public transport - so generous as it must have cost her a fortune! It will save us a lot of money, and it was at that point where I really wished that I had remembered little gifts from England so I could give her somthing back. We had a great afternoon wondering around the city, watching a film in the world's largest cinema screen (so big you literally have to move your head round to see all he film!) and we lunched in the world's only Lindt chocalate cafe. I say go there, now!

After 8 hours of sightseeing we were knackered and ready to head for home, met a girl in my dorm from Manchester (I was like wooo I know that city, near home!) and she was telling me about her tour around the north of Australia and how she camped and stayed on cattle ranches in the outback. One of the ranches was the size of Belgium, such is the greatness of Aus and the smallness of ermm... Belgium! To round up all the cattle they have to use a helicopter!

Tomorow we are going to the beach. :)

I also bought my sister a fridge magnet - she will be very happy at this!

love and hugs
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Itinerary for M.A.6 so far...

For those of you, (cough, Bev, ahem ahem! Just kidding!) who might not know Aus so well, here is a map :)

Mon 26th June - Will travel down to London to see some sights and meet up with Anna and 3 or 4 other friends.

Tues 27th June - Fly out to Sydney

Several days later - We finally get there.

Thurs 29th to Wed 5th July - Explore Sydney and climb the Sydney harbor bridge. Click on the link and admire the view, http://www.bridgeclimb.com/default.htm, at £70 a go, me and Anna say that it had better be a bloody good climb at that price!

5th July to Sunday 9th - Fly over to Hobart, Tasmania and spend a couple of days on the island.

Sun 9th to 18th July - Melbourne, nothing really planned yet except various Neighbours related bits and bobs. Though we hope to see a couple of bands that we really like.

18th to 20th July - Warnambool, for no other reason than to see Smilie Kylie :) hehe

20th to 23rd - Adelaide, not here for long, as if we miss the train on the 23rd, would have to wait a whole week for another one up to...

Several Days later (yep Aus is so big, to get half way across, it takes about 48 hours by train!) - Alice Springs, Uluru, possibly King's Canyon

26th onwards - by this point we kinda got stuck, as we couldn't go left or right, and didn't want to go up to Darwin - - so we decided to fly out to Cairns, right over on the east coast. We will then head north to experience rainforests at Daintree (Aus is so big it has lots of climates!) before winding our way down the east coast to Sydney. We are gonna see where we end up so we can have a little adventure...nothing planned except to try and see the Great Barrier Reef.

Check out the rainforest at Daintree - - > http://www.daintreerainforest.com/
I really can't wait to see an actual rainforest, like I do embarrassing jigs of happiness over the thought of seeing a rainforest.

Did you know, it's only 33 days until we fly? :milk: :milk: :milk: x 1000! (all that dancing milk just for you Anna :P lol)

I can't believe I'm going, I can't believe it, Australia man. This year I feel so happy, I have so much to look forward too. I feel the happiest I've been since mum died, I realised the other day that I don't go to bed wishing I wouldn't wake up tomorow any more. I feel like the grief has lifted, the depression of losing a parent has gone. It feels amazing, I never thought I'd be ok again. I never thought I'd get through.

love you all,



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