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As it's Halloween on Saturday I ran a little Halloween event for my eikaiwa (adult conversation class) last night. Sadly you can't cut a face into a Japanese pumpkin because they are tiddly and tougher than the Terminator, but this year I managed to import some foreign pumpkins so I could teach the group about the tradition of carving them. I've never stayed in on a Saturday waiting for pumpkins to be delivered before. I've never tried to cycle with a box of them on my bike either! Thankfully I live near the community center.

The first awesome moment of the evening came when I lit the candles inside and turned off the lights. To my joy all the adults went "Ooooo!" and "Wow!". I felt that they passed the test of making a scary face when one person's two year old started crying. We had to turn the lights back on straight away bless.

The second awesome moment was when I found out no one had a carved a pumpkin before.

My class always clean up, take the rubbish home for me and give me all the extra food and drink from events like this. Last night was no exception. I am so lucky to have an eikaiwa full of such kind and generous people. I'm more than happy to teach them for free.

^One way to make small children cry.

^ Eikaiwa members rush in to take a photo!

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There is so much I want to write about and so little time...it's so frustrating!

At the moment I'm spending every evening at drumming practice so I can perform in a drumming festival next weekend. These drums are huge! It's kinda like hitting a round table about 2 feet in diameter with rolling pins, that's how large the sticks are. My arms are going to be very strong by the time I've finished!

Days are flying by in a blur of work-eat-drum-sleep-work-eat-drum etc. But still, it's good to be able to talk with some more people in the community and do something new and fun.

On Tuesday I had my adult conversation class. This week I was teaching them how to talk about hobbies. It was a very random lesson as people had brought in examples of their hobbies and interests to talk about. This meant that the lesson featured a demo of scuba diving equipment, a beautifully painted wooden tray, some soap from Thailand and a rendition of "Yesterday" by the Beatles by a 62 year old playing the ukulele! One lady was unable to find a babysitter so brought her one year old along. Another enjoys baking and gave me a bag of cake to take home! I love my job.

I really love my job.

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Unlike the senior high school where I have to plan and prepare all of my lessons, I usually don't have to do anything for my classes at junior high school because I'm only there one day a week. Changes to the schedule meant that today I only had one lesson where I just read a story out loud. Using me as a human tape recorder may or may not be a good use of a native English speaker depending on your viewpoint, but I've decided that I don't mind that much because the day contains so little stress compared to working at my senior high school! After class I spent the morning sitting outside in the sun watching the students rehearse for the culture festival. In the afternoon I danced with the teachers in the staff room. I kid you not, I learned this year's school festival dance moves! The culture festival is an event where students perform dances and songs and take part in art exhibitions, speech contests and the like. While the culture festival itself is usually a day or two long, lessons are canceled and rescheduled for a few weeks before hand while the students and teachers get everything ready. The only thing that puzzles me is that they spend so long getting everything perfect, yet they are the only ones watching in the end. There is no crowd of parents or public audience or anything...

This evening was the first of my adult conversation classes (known as an eikaiwa in Japanese) at the local community center. I teach with Bryan...again. I'd like to stress that that's not a bad thing at all. It just makes me laugh because we already work together at senior high school and live in the same apartment block. The poor guy has seen my self introduction about eight times now. I hope I'm interesting enough to stop him becoming fed up of me already! I'm looking forward to teaching this class. It's so great to interact with more Japanese adults because sometimes I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the young!

So tired. Need sleep...



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