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Welcome to my travel journal. Come share my random adventures!

This blog started around 10 years ago as a way of letting friends & family back home know what I was up to and that I was safe.

Over the years it's become much more than that. It's a record of my life. It's a valuable resource for people thinking about living & teaching in Japan. It's a place for me to document what my whole world revolves around: TRAVEL. My one mission in life is to go to 101 countries.

I feel like the whole world is literally on my doorstep. There is no way that I can stay in one place and not see it. People. Food. Culture. Nature. Villages. Towns. Cities. Transport. Life. Love. Fun! I wanna see as much as I can and share it with as many people as possible.

I love meeting people from around the world and I love to sit and listen to their stories and life experiences. We are all just stories in the end.

So what's my story?

I'm a 28 year old Brit called Lizzie. After graduating in 2008 I lived in rural Japan teaching English as part of the JET Program. I had the best two years of my life out there, but it was soon time to return to my roots.

From 2010-2013 I found love in Manchester, England and promptly lost it.

So I now reside in Nottingham but I don't like it much. I spend all my free time somewhere else!

I'm at a crossroads in life again. Trying to figure out my next move. Should I stay or should I go? I think we all know I'll move on's just a question of where to!

31 countries down, 70 to go!

Here's a list of places I've been since I was 18:

*Summer 2005 - Backpacking round Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden

*Dec 2005 - A few days in Dublin

*June & July 2006 - Mission Australia 2006!

*September 2006 - Denmark

*March 2007 - Lithuania

*July 2007 - Norway

*Easter 2008 - Iceland

*Summer 2008 - Visiting Poppy in Spain

*August 2008 - Move to Japan!

*December 2008 - Korea

*Aug 2008 to Sep 2010 - Traveling around Japan when not working

*Sep 2010 - Move back to the UK

*Feb 2011 - Another few days in Dublin

*Oct 2011 - Switzerland

*Oct 2012 - Hungary

*Dec 2012 - Malta

*April 2013 - More Denmark

*April 2014 - Portugal

*Sept 2014 - Croatia and Bosnia &

*Oct 2014 - Czech Republic

*Sep 2015 - Poland, Slovakia, Austria and

*Nov/Dec 2015 - A stopover in Qatar followed by a month in Sri Lanka.
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