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I wanted to write something more cheerful than my last post, because despite that mega dump of sad stuff I am feeling happy and grateful today.

Looking back at all the anniversaries of mum's death there have actually been a lot of fun moments. I feel very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful family members and friends who have either got in touch or spent the day with me over the years.

One of the highlights was when my friend Anna came to visit me in London. We had loads of fun with Amy, who helped organise the surprise.

Another was when my sister and I met up in Ely and had THE KETCHUP INCIDENT OF DOOM which I still laugh about.

And there's the time I took a walk in a nice park near my house.

Or on the day of the 2nd anniversary when my uni friends Yvette and Patrick went with me into town and we ate ice cream and played with the toys in Hawkin's Bazaar.

So many people have been awesome on the anniversary days. My friend Poppy has texted or sent a card every year for the past 12 years! My sister and I always call each other. Sometimes I speak to my Aunt. Yvette, Anna, Harriet, Amy, Bolton Laura, a work colleague who recently lost someone to suicide herself are all people who have been there for me too. Many others send their love online if I post about it. Once a co-teacher in Japan saw how upset I looked and bought me some chocolate milk from the vending machine. I was so moved by his gesture of kindness.

And debxena, who has stayed in touch with me and been there for me all this time. I want to meet her in person one day to give her a big hug and say thank you. Finding someone else online who had been through what I had been through, and being able to read their posts about bereavement helped save me. It didn't matter that she was on the other side of the world.

There's good memories to be made from even the saddest of days.

Tonight I'm going round to Chris' to watch Once Upon a Time again! : )
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