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Going away in Europe for a couple of weeks earlier in the year was real turning point for me, as it gave me the chance to slow down and think about what I want in life in the future. So I handed my notice in not long after I got back and worked out my last few months.

I finished work two days ago and I had a really nice last day. Everyone was so generous I was blown away! I got so many cards and presents and one of my co-workers baked a free-from cake for me. A few people even popped over from our head office in another county. I'm so grateful for everything everyone has done.

I don't have any other job lined up yet, but I've gone for a compromise between traveling around the world and "being sensible". So I'm going away for a month and I will find temp work when I get back until I move to London in February/March. You can still get a work visa for New Zealand until the age of 35 so I've pushed that dream back for now. I couldn't let the chance of renting a room in Streatham at a very cheap rate pass me by!

I'm going to Sri Lanka in a few days which is really exciting (but mostly nerve-wracking). I've always been fascinated by the place and did some of my coursework on the country when I was at university. I've never been to that part of the world before. I don't have any real aims other than to sit on the beach and read a book on Christmas Day.

I'll be staying in Unawatuna/Galle from 20th -26th Dec.

I've been saving books I'm desperate to read for the trip, such as J K Rowling's latest novel and Bill Bryson's new book about traveling around the UK 20 years on from Notes on a Small Island. Can't wait to devour them.

I guess I'm struggling to feel too excited as I'm scared to leave home because of the recent terrorist attacks in Egypt and Paris. Yet I know I'm very privileged to be able to quit my job and go traveling as most people who want to can't.

And I keep having little moments of panic where I think I should be at work!
It's like I haven't really left somehow. Maybe it's just not sunk in yet..

I'll spend the next two days packing and planning before I fly out to Colombo on Sunday via a stopover in Qatar. My room is the usual pre-departure bomb site; papers, clothes and kit scattered all over the floor whilst anything electrical is being charged.

Everything else in life is now on hold until I get back.

Speak soon.
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