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I was quiet during the drive over to the tattoo studio this morning. Partly out of nervousness but also because I was worrying about whether I was doing the right thing or not. Had I picked the right design? Did I really want to get something that would be on me forever?

After some thought I discovered that yes, I had chosen the right design and yes, I was doing the right thing. I realised that not only had I wanted a tattoo for over a decade now, but that my body felt plain and incomplete without one. I had often drawn and cut designs onto myself over the years.

I've held off on getting one for so long. I've always been such a good girl. So careful. So cautious. So risk averse. It felt like the right time to do something that really scared and shocked me.

Another reason why it's taken me so long is that I've never been sure of what I want until recently. There have been things I've loved in the past that don't really hold my interest any more, and I've known they wouldn't. However when I first read the quote I had tattooed on me today it immediately seemed perfect. It was love at first sight. So meaningful and relevant to my life.

As everyone smugly told me it would be beforehand, it was painful getting a tattoo on my foot, but I really don't see why this is a bad thing. It only took a few minutes and my friend was there to hold my hand. I wouldn't want to change the location of my tattoo because of the pain involved. It wasn't that bad. Plus it's going to hurt wherever you get it done!

The first time I changed the dressing today I was a little freaked out by the sore skin and raised lettering so I'm looking forward to when it's fully healed, but it feels nice to have it on me and tick another thing off the bucket list.

No wearing boots for a while.


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