Sep. 6th, 2015

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A few years ago I started wearing scarves as a fashion accessory, but they've turned out to be so useful both in day to day life and when traveling that I always carry one with me now.

They dry very quickly if they get wet, can be used for a wide variety of different things and fold up into a tiny piece of fabric in your bag if you don't want to wear it. A patterned/unusual scarf often makes a good ice breaker and conversation starter too.

Scarves can also make cheap, reusable, and useful travel souvenirs.

They can be very comforting if you're anxious and lonely. I suppose they can act a bit like a grown up's comfort blanket in that sense. :)

You can use a scarf for:

* a blanket when it's cold
* a blanket when it's hot outside but the air on is turned up too high inside
* something to cover skin to prevent sunburn (especially when you're on a long journey on public transport and can't move your arm out the sun)
* a way of identifying yourself to other members of your minority group, eg purple for bisexuality
* something to dry your hands with when public toilets don't provide anything
* as a towel to dry off after rain/paddling in the sea
* an emergency towel when you forget to pack one!
* to clean things, glasses, self, dusty table etc.
* a shawl
* a sarong/skirt
* a head band
* a head cover when visiting religious/conservative places
* something to stop bleeding
* a sweat towel
* a sling
* a pillow
* something to cover your head with when trying to sleep in areas of bright lighting. E.g Airports, hostel rooms where some fucker comes back at 2am and turns the lights on...
* a shoulder bag (tie opposite corners together)
* something to cover you up when you have to pee outside and might be stumbled upon
* a fly screen
* a curtain

...the list goes on!

The fact that my scarves are cotton have also provided me with a lot of relief from itching that occurs as a result of my eczema, as they can be used as a barrier between an evil itchy thing and my skin.

Scarf Tips

When you travel abroad a lot or travel around and work outside for your job a lot, no bag, pair of shoes, or clothes last very long. (Sigh.) I find my scarves last around 6 months to a year depending on the fabric.

I do recommend HAND wash your scarf every few weeks, or as soon as practically possible after you've used it to clean something. It will help it last longer. Let it dry naturally after washing it and don't use pegs to clip it to the line. They damage thinner and more delicate scarves.

Pick a scarf that reflects you and what you like, as people comment on them a lot of they have a pattern on. Once I had an owl scarf that I just bought on impulse one day. People were always asking me about owls and buying me owl related birthday presents. I don't even like owls that much!

I trim the lose ends and threads of my scarves regularly as they can ruin a scarf if they get caught and pulled.

Pick your jewellery carefully when scarf wearing. Some necklaces are right bastards to scarves.

Finally take great care when using your scarf around a new piercing, especially a sensitive ear piercing through cartilage. Taking a scarf off and not realising you've got a thread caught in the hoop/bar will result in tears!

I'd recommend sticking to plain colours, as they go with any outfit and are suitable for any occasion.

Don't buy a white or light coloured scarf. They don't stay white for long and show all the smudges and stains! Don't buy a black scarf either. They soon fade and look terribly shabby.

If like myself you become an avid scarf wearer you will soon find you have a preferred type and brand. I tend to go wide and long in size. My purple scarf from Next is my current favourite, but I always buy a scarf from Camden whenever I'm in London.

Please take care when entering the world of scarf wearing, as it's easy to go from owning one or two to having a full blown scarf addiction. There's also the dreadful feeling of emptiness and anxiety to deal with when you accidentally leave your scarf behind once you reach this stage. I knew it was time to take a step back from the world of scarves and get rid of a few when I discovered I had 15 in my bedroom...

So basically scarves, fuck yeah!


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